No Qualify HEA For Homeowners

Consultation Time

10 - 15 min

Application Form

25 Minutes

No Payments

10 Years

Funding Time

2-3 Weeks

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How Can Flash Funded
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Our program offers an innovative financial product that surprisingly frees up a portion of your home’s equity. The cash you receive from us is not a loan, so you pay no interest and make no monthly payments to us. In fact, there are no payments to us at all until you either decide to sell your home up to 10 years later or buy us out of the agreement.

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Stop Putting Off That Renovation or Home Project


You can access $30,000 - $500,000, depending on the home value and how much you owe on your home. Getting an estimate takes just a few seconds and won't impact your credit score.


Flash Funded does not offer loans and there are no monthly payments to worry about, EVER!. Many homeowners use the cash they get from us to pay down debts and give themselves breathing room in their budget.


You decide how much equity you want to get and on what terms. For instance, you could get 10% of your home equity today in exchange for 16% of your home value in the future. Its that simple.


Imagine paying off debts, doing home renovations, funding long term care insurance or paying for college, all without interest or monthly payments. And you decide when to settle up with us, up to 10 years later. Now that’s financial flexibility!


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Our goal is simple. To get you approved. We basically invest in your equity and get you paid quickly! Simply and securely. We were founded on this very principle, and we’ll always be committed to it. This is our promise to you, The Homeowner.

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Get signed up with Flash Funded, get your identification on the list of your home documents together, then upload them to us on the form provided. It’s that simple. No Qualify!

Get Your Home's Equity In Cash!

Pay off Debt, Invest in another Property, Start a Business, Invest into that Idea you have or Simply Remodel your Primary Residence.

Fix and Flip Program With UpSwing

Through our primary financial firm (Home Vision Mortgage),  we are licensed in all 50 States we can offer an HEA to Virtually anyone within America!


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During the processing of your application, we will provide you with additional disclosures containing the key terms of your HEA. Your Home Equity Consultant will review those disclosures with you and answer all of your questions. You will complete our education process before indicating your intent to proceed.

You are urged to carefully review the  HEA legal documents and other materials with your financial, tax and legal advisors, and family members. Our Home Equity Consultant will be happy to discuss the HEA with them as well, at your request.

Education and Home Equity

We want you to have a full understanding of the terms and conditions of the HEA Program before making any decisions about it. You can use the money for the entire term without interest charges or monthly payments. Education is a key part of who we are as a company and it is a required step in our process.


This site is intended to explain the most important features of the HEA. You should also review the HEA legal documents as part of the process. It all begins with two simple questions: Is this program a good fit for you? And if so, How much cash can we advance you based on your equity?

What's The Catch

Put simply, there is no catch. The HEA is a new type of home finance that differs from a loan. Loans require borrowers to make monthly payments based on a specified interest rate. Loan investors find that attractive. An HEA allows homeowners to defer the cost of the financing until termination of the Agreement.

Stop TRYING to Live Your Life
and Start USING Your Home's Equity!

We do all the heavy lifting, you enjoy the benefits of what your home equity can do.
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General Sign Up

With our  unique HEA Program, it is designed to put you, the homeowner in control. You decide, within certain guidelines, how much cash you would like to receive from us. You use the cash without interest or payments. You own and manage your home the way you see fit.

And YOU decide when and how your HEA will end. In this example we will introduce the key concepts and events that can occur over the life of the agreement.

At the start of the HEA, we get general information about your home through documents you provide.

This is a simple general form about your home’s market value, much like a real estate agent would ask for.

After you register with us and you get confirmation either by SMS message or email, sometimes both, you will go to your new dashboard and upload your documents.

After you have uploaded your documents, you may have questions concerning a special case, circumstances, or clarification.